Ingozi Disco is a collective initiative founded by Shane de Lange and Asha Zero. The purpose of Ingozi Disco is deliberately unclear, but it has something to do with South Africa, machine guns, the institutionalization of the avant-garde, and the love of ones neighbor.

Ingozi Disco was one of those ‘happy strokes’ between two artists compelled to commit a marvelous duty. This project is a weightless expression of the human spirit, in an over-populated and over-stimulated world, propelled towards rootedness in the South African vernacular. Ingozi Disco enacts processes of propaganda or ‘hype’, thereby attempting to impress and construct the faithful – a ‘high-kitsch’ of sorts that emphasises the extremes of our still juvenile democracy. It is a pseudo-artistic endeavor oriented towards design, yet not conforming to any one discipline.

One thing is certain, Ingozi Disco has everything to do with Danger and nothing to do with disco. Slim Whitman also has a major role to play; without him this project would not be possible. Heads-up to the J-man as well.